Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prison on the streets

      Why do these young men wear their pants sagging to the ground. If there is one phenom that i'll never understand is this one. Time will show that this was not a good look. How could these confused youngsters ever hope to become gainfully employed. Don't they realize that they are just emulating prison life. I honestly believe that the whole hip hop culture is emulating prison culture as a fashion statement and basic frame of mind. I'm afraid that the youth today are like lambs to the slaughter. They are buying the stereotype that is being sold to them. Tattoos, gold teeth and saggy baggy pants. Throw in a couple of blunts and a heavy dose of ebonics and you have a snapshot of the brand;(Thug Life) or Ghetto, Hood or whatever. To the youth it all translates to mean good and cool. Maybe it's a sign of getting old. There was a time when I bought into the same thing with Super Fly, The Mac, and maybe Shaft. The sterotype was being sold to me and it's being packaged and sold now. Please join my blog and add your comments. I'd enjoy hearing from you all.

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  1. Everything have to start from somewhere...in this case it need to start back in the homes...when we were growing up, we had respect for our elders, because we were raised/taught by both parents, if not, our grandparents...nowadays you have babies raising babies, and the grandparents in the clubs...todays children do not know the meaning of any of the fads, they just think, what they see and hear is cool, even BET and VH1 is totally different from when we grew up...WHO IS TO BLAME?
    THE PARENT(S)!! The children do not have jobs to buy the pants they sag in the parent(s) are buying the clothes for their children as our parents brought for us...I work in the school system and when I a male student why are you saggin and do you know what it means, they have no ideal...once again, WHO IS TO BLAME? THE PARENT(S), nowadays THE SINGLE MOM who may or may not be working and if she is working, she can't monitor the child/children while they are watching BET/VH1..so WHO IS TO BLAME? The hip-hop crew, Lil Wayne, Snoop and many more, not to mention again...THE PARENT(s), because Little Jerome have to keep up with his peers.