Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Laura is gangster.

    Man, I thought it was so funny when Dr. Laura was screaming the "N" word over the radio. It caused all types of controversy and she lost her job. Do you feel we have a double standard? Black folks say it all the time with such flare and ease. We sing about it, rap about, shuck and jive about it. Use the word to show affection, anger and just in general. But if a white person says it! Thems fightin' words. Or a fighting word.
     For me I refuse to let that word have so much power. Sometimes we want to hold on to that last weapon of white guilt to let everyone know that our people was done wrong in this country. This is true we were done wrong. And we as a people are almost paranoid about being discriminated against, trying to make sure that our past never happens again. Even more so, and I only speak for myself. Black people came to this country for the most part in crisis, what happened to our people in this country will go down in history as one of the most terrible things that ever happened. And honestly it still hurts. But we can't have it both ways. We don't get a pass or a race based exemption. So the point Dr. Laura made was correct. She was only making the point that if the lady was so sensitive about racial matters, why did she marry a white guy? So my point being if everyone can't do something, no one should be able to. But it did seem that saying the word was getting good to her lol. Please join my blog and leave your comments.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prison on the streets

      Why do these young men wear their pants sagging to the ground. If there is one phenom that i'll never understand is this one. Time will show that this was not a good look. How could these confused youngsters ever hope to become gainfully employed. Don't they realize that they are just emulating prison life. I honestly believe that the whole hip hop culture is emulating prison culture as a fashion statement and basic frame of mind. I'm afraid that the youth today are like lambs to the slaughter. They are buying the stereotype that is being sold to them. Tattoos, gold teeth and saggy baggy pants. Throw in a couple of blunts and a heavy dose of ebonics and you have a snapshot of the brand;(Thug Life) or Ghetto, Hood or whatever. To the youth it all translates to mean good and cool. Maybe it's a sign of getting old. There was a time when I bought into the same thing with Super Fly, The Mac, and maybe Shaft. The sterotype was being sold to me and it's being packaged and sold now. Please join my blog and add your comments. I'd enjoy hearing from you all.